Marcell Muranyi 

Planktonic waste

I chose two unrelated things. The first is the remains of planctonic microorganisms. Species are similar due to evolution. The second is the cardboard sheets. The products are similar due to the manufacturing technology. They represent the different philosophies of two subsequent eras.
What happens when the dissecting, categorizing mentality of the nineteenth century intersects the overproductive consumer lifestyle of our time? Could this be more than an effect?
The figures were redrawn from Enrst Haekel's book Kunstformen der Natur. The first edition was published in 1899. The cardboards are the discarded storage elements of the Pécs Tobacco Factory. (click on the thumbnails to see the whole images)
Extinct Radiolarian test (cardboad relief, 140x90 cm, 2018)
Extinct Radiolarian test (detail)
Extant Radiolarian test (cardboad relief, 140x90 cm, 2018)
Extant Radiolarian test (detail)
Extant Radiolarian test (detail)
The Hungarian edition of Michael Houellebecq's Serotonin. The book was designed by József Pintér. He used one of my detail photos of Extinct Radiolarian test for the cover. (image
Radiolarian XI. (cardboad relief,62x36 cm, 2016)
Radiolarian IX. (cardboad relief,86x35 cm, 2016)