Marcell Muranyi 

Offer (Life is in the air)

installation, 30 jars of starter on wooden desk, 2020

This interactive installation consists of jars of starter. It was made for "In colors of bread and wine" group exhibition, that commemorated the year of Communion.

I was intrested this subject's a Pandemic-era actualization. During the pandemics, even the air become unconfortable media. We could not breath freely, because the invisible, deadly virus was all around us. The act of touching was also problematic, since the virus could survive on any surfaces.

Thus, basic human thing turned to be unsafe, hazardous actions against our own health. The trust in very basic things, that had been taken for granted before, was demaged. My installation was a symbolic gesture to restore this.

I placed jars containing fresh starter on a table. I used shades and different textures of white tuned to the color of the starter. This represents a fresh start, a tabula rasa for everyone. In the sort description placed on the front, I encouraged visitors to take one or two jars of starter. They can use it home at and keep it alive indefiniently. At the end of the opening ceremony, only four jars remained on the table.