Marcell Muranyi 


COVID-19 turned the Anthropocene back to the Holocene. As people disappeared from the urban public spaces the animals carefully made their way into these deserted realms. But this period ended very quickly. Restarting human life has pushed back all other living creatures once more.
My projekt reflects on the relationship between the recovering city and nature. Thus it is not for people primarily. I focus on a sensitive, however less prominent group of animals by installing bug hotels in the city.
A bug hotel is a construction, mostly made of wood, brick, tile, stone, bamboo. Insects can seek refuge and nest in it. Each insect species has its own preference, for example, ladybugs like empty boxes, hiveless bees can move into gaps drilled into tree stumps, and butterflies can find shelter in specially cut bamboo sticks.
During my five hours walk I built, placed and repaired these small structures in the abandoned parts of the city, at the borders of green belts and residential areas. I visited six such places and made a Facebook livesteam each time.
This projekt was hosted and supported by Placcc Fesztivál. I was among the 20 arsists who received the opportunity by their Wa(l)king the city open call to perform an artistic walk.
I would like to thank all of their help to the Placcc Fesztivál Team. I also would like to thank to my love, Bernadett Kovács, who designed a bug hotel, who was with me during the walk, recorded, documented the process, even suffered a heat stroke. My family also helped me in every human and technical means.

The bug hotels placed all over the city will be visited and documented frequently in the following three month.

Places I visited during my walk

1st location: Írottkő Park

My walk started from Írottkő Park in the 14th district of Budapest. It is part of a green belt housing estate area next to the M3 motorway. During the field survey, I found logs in the dog walking place behind the buildings. I drilled holes into these logs of 3-5 cm in diameter and 5-8 cm in lenght. I placed these under a tree trunk to form a bug hotel.
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2nd location: Rákospalota-Újpest train station

There is a demolition area right next to the train station, at the corner of Fő út and Pázmány Péter utca, under the bridge. There are bricks, gravel, and all sorts of scattered debris. From the bricks I built a roughly half a meter high and half a meter wide bug hotel. Animals would move into the holes of the bricks.
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I visited the site a week after the installation. It was already ruined, with a disgusting smell all over the place. I placed corrugated cardboard rolls to a neerby tree and concrete fence. Hopefully they would last longer than their predecessor.
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3rd location: Freedom Park, Soviet Republic monument

Two bundles of reed connected by twines placed on a tree close the Soviet Republic monument. These are very simple ones, hopefully remain intact by rain and butterflies will move in. In the first bundle, there are walnut twigs among the reed.
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4th location: Marina housing estate

I placed this well-designed bug hotel by Bernadett Kovács near the upper middle-class residential area. With these glittering houses on one side and the majestic shoreline of the Danube on the other, this structure really fits into the environment. With a little irony, of course.
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5th location: Árpád bridge

My creation, a DIY, bird-feeder-like bug hotel was hung on one of the trees in the park. The structure is impregnated by lenseed oil. The lower part contains treebark and cones. The upper part has the same, thicker, drilled twigs, as in the fist location.
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6th location: Margaret island, nearby the Game Park

I partially repaired one of the bug hotels here, installed by the city management in 2017. It had been broken since. My girl and I, after suffering heathstroke, we attempted to made it useful again with cones, bamboo sticks, drilled wooden pieces, tree bark and leaves. I advice you to click on the video bar every 3-5 minutes, to have some impressions on how totally exhausted people fighting with mosquitos try to repair an old bug hotel.From around 15:10 you can see it finished.